2002.01.31 - 2004.01.24

Lisa Slodki and Sara Ludy interview
Excerpts from Lumpen magazine

Sara: How would you describe your aesthetic?

Lisa: Lush emotional metaphors

Sara: Your work has a repetitive quality that's often genuinely trance inducing, at least to me.

Lisa: Loops set up a rhythm where you can get lulled. Loop aesthetics can also become really annoying and that's something that I'm constantly fighting to avoid. I try to be picky with the clips I choose and use only clips that I feel can sustain attention at least long enough for me to queue the next series of images. I also try to keep the focus on the images that multiple clips make together. If I can make the images evolve in surprising ways, this gives the looping purpose. I'm trying to avoid relying on the visual phenomenon of experiencing time counterintuitively. Ultimately, this is a novelty experience and gets boring quickly. I also use loop aesthetics because it feels similar to how we experience memory.



Sara: How is your work experimental, atmospheric and/or environmental?

Lisa: Sort of like what happens on a road trip. There's music, a constant visual focus, momentum and suddenly you find yourself having introspection that you would not otherwise. I think that's what we try to do with a-very-sensitive-device, set up conducive environments.

Lisa: What would you say is the ultimate thing you would like to achieve through your music? Do you have an agenda?

Sara: Imagine this, a world that is a cross between Ladislaw Starewicz's Winter Carousel, the ice cave of Logan's Run, the Vanilla Dome of Mario World, and the electric fields of Tron. Now if you were to visit this place, and you were walking through a futuristic amusement park with holographic space creatures, silver hover boards,and trees that look like gigantic spiral lollipops, and if you could imagine the type of music that would accompany such a place,

  that best describes the music I make. When I make music, I visualize it. It also depends on my mood and what has stimulated me that particular day. There are times where I make music that sounds very angular and minimal and others very delicate and creepy. With a-very-sensitive-device I am able to create sounds based off of the beautiful images that Lisa projects. It's an exciting experience for me. It's like creating as soundtrack to a dream sequence from Delia Derbyshire's mind. Lisa is the Delia Derbyshire of video loops.