2002.01.31 - 2004.01.24

a-very-sensitive-device formed in the winter
of 2002. the initial configuration of lisa slodki (video), narendra (audio) + whateley carrington (audio) performed on 2002.01.31
@ the empty bottle in chicago il usa. over the next two years, a-very-sensitive-device created realtime audio-video works, performing live improvisations and collaborating to expand experimental cinematic forms. the final configuration of a-very-sensitive-device with lisa slodki (video), sara ludy (audio), narendra (audio) + whateley carrington (audio) performed for the last time on 2004.01.24 @ buddY gallery in chicago il usa.

these frozen_moments of a-very-sensitive-device document the performances occurring between 2002.01.31 and 2004.01.24. during these two years in chicago, a-very-sensitive-device opened new and unique paths to the possibilities of live audio-video performance, experimental electronic musics and expanded cinematics. a-very-sensitive-device set a distinctive emotional and meditative tone with their works and performances. promising both renewal and innovation, a-very-sensitive-device measured, contributed to and excited the nascent new media field which integrates interdisciplinary art and music through experimental film, video art, sound art, electronic musics and free improvisation.