2002.01.31 - 2004.01.24

llisa slodki combines generative and found media to perform live video manipulation. through the use of digital and analog mixing, her work engages with human gesture and dissonant emotional states. her visual performances and video pieces have been featured in galleries, fashion shows and dj sets.

sara ludy is a musician and video artist. she performed with a-very-sensitive-device using analog synthesizers and modified electronics. her sci-fi/space influenced sensibility infuses bizarre, warm, angular, delicate and stark sounds into a-very-sensitive-device.

narendra uses turntables as instruments, creating abstract sounds, harsh juxtapositions and downtempo, glitch and metronome-like beats. as a sensitive-device component he has evolved to sampling and manipulating using real-time devices to render all recognizable audio indistinguishable from its original source.

whateley carrington performed with a-very-sensitive-device and acts as a node in the shft8pwr.net(work). he works in, on and through telecom networks, laptops, broken devices, samples and both commercial and personal software applications. his work brings together often disparate sounds and styles to create atonal soundscapes.